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About B.B. Comer Memorial Elementary School

Together...Inspiring, Learning, Leading!

B. B. Comer Memorial Elementary School serves approximately 500 students in grades kindergarten through six.  Located in southeast Talladega County, the school zone borders Coosa County, Clay County, and Sylacauga City school districts, and is easily accessible to Alabama highways 280 and 21. 

Faculty and staff are committed to providing a quality education for all students in an inviting, nurturing, and safe environment. In conjunction with our school-wide "Leader In Me" initiative, the school building itself has become more aesthetically appealing through the addition of positive quotes in hallways, leadership-themed "roadways," newly painted and decorated student and faculty restrooms. New furniture in the first grade hall and 5th grade lobby have been added. School-wide leadership themed decorations and student pictures have been placed in the hallways to create a kid-friendly, academic atmosphere. Digital signage is displayed in two hallways where teachers create "movies" to feature their students accomplishing great things.


The school celebrates successes by providing students with memorable events such as "Good Conduct Dances," "Tiger Tech Day," and "PBL Showcase Nights." Each grade level strives to attend at least 2 educational field trips per year. In addition, multiple special field trips are planned to celebrate high achieving, hard working, and/or student leaders including those who meet their AR reading goals, Honor Club students, and SGA representatives. Over the past 3 years, BBCES has undergone several security measures and changes throughout the building to secure the safety of our students and staff.

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